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"What a day for a daydream, what a day for a daydreamin' boy...and I'm lost in this sweet dream, dreamin' bout my bundle of joy..."
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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Amazing Grace Artists Group on Facebook

 Come join us if you like making Faith based artwork!

This a group for any and all artists that love
doing Faith based artwork. Your religious, faith themed artwork can be on any surface and approached in any way you wish, as long as there is no nudity, sexist or racist terms or stereotypes thrown in..Any style, such as traditional, abstract, oils, pastel, anything is alright to render your creations in yto show to us...There will be no flaming, harassing, bullying, cursing, talking down to, cruel criticism, or any other thing that a person can do to take away another artists joy after they have finished a piece and decided to share with us...Especially new artists have a problem with thinking they are not good enough...we do not have the right to add to that negativity...

All artists have different styles, different talents, different fav colors, etc..that doesn't make anyone's any better than the rest

Sunday, June 26, 2016

and THEN........

 Laura's Uniques on!

It's A quiet sunday morning, just like I my art studio (actually the guest bedroom I just like to call it a studio), anyway, in my studio, and just looking at everything I have done the last couple of days, and all I have planned to do going forward...I love this business of "taking inventory" on myself and my work, in which I also have a deeply private process that keeps me on the right path as well....Today just felt like a good day for it...Here is what I have made this week with a few words about techniques and tutorials and things like, Grab some coffee and get ready for just a bit of eye candy- and away we go!

1. My most fav handmade cover for an art book I have made so has so many layers I can't even remember what some of the things are that I added on...It is called" the Zebra book", because of the zebra charm at the end of the bead tail. Measures just a bit over 4 x 4 inches, and each page is original copies, all mine and all new!

 One of my fav pages in my new art book, love the curliques in the tail, and adding the rhinestones just set it he becomes "Curlique Brdie" and will be used again later down the line..I fixed the pearl that is out of control in this pic, just FYI for all of us OCD people out there, lol!!'s all I can say...curlique Birdie and Gummi Town getting together...almost more than i can deal with! Look closely at the house page, and you will understand why the page has that name...anyway, this journal is in my etsy shop for purchase if interested...Shop name is "Laura's Uniques". Come look around and at least window shop...
This is my new birthday icon that I use for online birthdays..I am loving the colors and it just makes me happy to look at it, so I shared it with everyone!

All of these were done on either watercolor paper, watercolor tiles that are pre-cut to 4 x 4 inches, or corrugated cardstock. On all of these, I used mostly watercolors, assorted permanent markers, some acrylic paints, and a touch of distressing with inks and colored pencils to go along with the pre-cut embellies. I wanted to make them "mine"...some are 4 x 4 inches, some are 2 x 2 inches, some are ATC sized, some are postcard sized....and on and on it goes..
Here is another gift box, I just love these!! Making them has been kind of a time consumer because they are little, only 2 inches x 2 inches, that doing the details are much harder to get right...this little cutie is in my Etsy Shop as well...

I love making these art books, as well as the tiny gift boxes, I put so much of my heart and soul into each page, I hope that people can sense that emotion when they look at the books and everything else in person..
And then, it is getting really late, and I force myself to stop and go to bed, lol...I lay there thinking of more designs...more details, more questions about techniques, which I will have to Google..

Anyway...I hope you are having a great Sunday, and have a lovely week ahead of yourself!!

In the meantime,
Happy Creating!!

Laura's Uniques on!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

I just wasn't strong enough to say "No"!....

Lately I have begun to spend inordinate amounts of time at a place I swore I would never frequent, a cyber place I just knew I would never get stuck on, a cyber flavor of the day that has me reeling from the amount of information that is flashed in front of my eyes as fast as I can click my mouse...I feel like Matt Damon in one of the "Bourne" movies when they are erasing all of his memories...I come away feeling exhausted but exhilarated, drained but delighted, faint but fulfilled...yes, I admit it...I am now a Pinterest junkie....

I have within a total of 2 weeks tops made myself 27 boards and am active on just about all of them...between Pinterest and Laura's Uniques on both Etsy and Zibbet, we are talking about 18 hours a day spent on the computer! Good thing I have a wonderful man ("Sweet Tony") and no children at home...I am a total workaholic, whatever I decide to tackle. So folks, now is the time to show you some nice pics, and for starters, we are going o see some ATC's I made for some swaps...I haven't done swaps or atc's in ages, so here goes...

atc's made for swaps

So...SEE! I have been busy...just not busy doing the right things I think....New in my Etsy Shop and in my Zibbet shop by the same name, "Laura's Uniques", and my various APPS around here and there, I should be pretty set on the "self-promotion" side of things. But what I really mean is that I need to get back to actually making PAINTINGS, not just PICTURES, because there is a difference and anyone who is even slightly artistic will know what I am talking about. There is that bit of motion that gets caught and felt in the perfect stroke of the brush, the delicate flow of movement when you are using a miniature brush, the knowing and certainty that you FEEL things will fit perfectly when making a collage, the feel and fibers of the laces and fabrics that you choose for some lucky collages, but not all of them, and may change your mind at any moment. That is the wonderful thing about the creative process...You have a design in mind, and are working toward it...then some delicious looking little teal and melon colored fabrics number hits your pile of textile goodies, fabrics and laces, and suddenly, in the sigh of a tiny wind, your whole epic design changes shape, texture, color scheme...If they could bottle inspiration and imagination, think of what a world we would live in! We would be unstoppable, each and every one of us, if we used this magic in a good way...

And so it goes, for each of us...chasing that imagination dragon, the lemming of the artist pied piper, the lure of the symbolic siren...and you know what? I will go each and every time, because sometimes we may not realize it, but to some people, we may produce a landmark scene for them, something they see their own struggles in life given shape and form, and maybe, just maybe, we may help them see within themselves all of the beauty, grace and perfection that they have owned since birth.

Laura Shelton
Freelance as well!

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